Cop Enters To Eat With Family At Olive Garden, Is Denied Service For One Simple Reason

Kansas City Officer Michael Holsworth took to Facebook after he says he was refused service at Olive Garden because he had a gun on him. Holsworth was just going to met up with his family for a birthday lunch.

As he waited for his family that is when an employee approached him and said, “We don’t allow guns here.” Holsworth, who was in full uniform, said he could leave. The employee then allegedly responded, “Yes, please leave.”

Holsworth wrote about his experience at the local Olive Garden on Facebook, saying he hopes the restaurant “handles this situation appropriately so no other officer has the same experience he had.”
The order’s president, Brad Lemon, and Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte quickly jumped to Holsworth’s defense. Forte tweeted at Olive Garden’s national Twitter account, saying facts were “being gathered.”

Lemon wrote on Facebook:

“It’s been an incredibly difficult day for our brother, and our entire family. All we ever ask is to be treated fairly and with the same respect to due anyone else. When we are treated poorly because of our chosen occupation, it hurts. It’s not okay to treat law enforcement poorly. We deserve, and have earned, the same level of respect due to each and every member of society.”

The restaurant’s president has since contacted Holsworth to apologize.
“Law enforcement are always welcome to dine (with) us — we heart serving them and have great relationships,” an Olive Garden spokesman said.